Friday, September 23, 2011

How long does synthetic oil last?

I put some synthetic oil in my car a while back and a family member that knows a lot about cars said it would be safe to go 10-15 thousand miles. Is this true? Don't I need to change my oil filter more often than that?How long does synthetic oil last?First and foremost, oil is cheap, engines are not. Never wait that long to change your oil. A big part of it is what kind of driving you do. IF you do alot of short trips and dont fully burn the condensation out of the oil, thats when you start running into problems. If your trips are only about 15 minutes then you should stick to 3000 miles but you could push it a little more if needed. I guess it depends on how long you keep the car. IF you are going to run it into the ground, change the oil every 3 to 4k miles or 4 months which ever comes first but if you are going to trade it off in a year or a couple years, dont worry about letting it get 5k or above miles on an oil change. The most important thing is just to make sure that you have the correct amount of oil in it and not low at all. Its easy to lose a quart or more of oil in 5k miles or more.How long does synthetic oil last?Thank you for the information. I liked in particular your comment:oil is cheap, engines are not!Can find so many applications.

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How long does synthetic oil last?There is a lot of debate over the oil change interval, which is now up to 15,000. First there is no argument that a synthetic oil can run longer between oil changes. But how long do you keep a synthetic in you engine, there is no simple answer but if you ask me (and i do this for a living) i'll tell you 6,000miles. while letting your oil go too long can do serious damage, you can't hurt your motor by changing oil frequently. Regardless of how often you change oil you should check its level and top it off with every fill up.

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